Ashmead School Aylesbury Map

Map of Ashmead School Aylesbury - Here is a location map for Ashmead Combined School in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire UK.

Map of Ashmead School Aylesbury

Ashmead School Map: Above you can view a map of Ashmead School located in Cole Road, Walton Court, Aylesbury. The address for Ashmead School is Cole Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 8SU. The telephone number is 01296 484434.

Visible on this Ashmead School map are: Walton Court Park and Play Area, Healthy Living Centre, Co-Op Supermarket, Boots the Chemist, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Cole Road, Ellen Road, Hannon Road, Grenville Road, Bedwyn Walk, Grenville Green and more.

Zoom out (-) for a wider view of the area around Ashmead School. Click on the small box (bottom right) for an interesting satellite view of Ashmead School Aylesbury.

View the official website for Ashmead School Aylesbury here: ASHMEAD SCHOOL WEBSITE

For Ashmead School Aylesbury term dates click here: TERM DATES

View the Ofsted report for Ashmead Combined School here: OFSTED REPORT

Ashmead School Aylesbury postcode (Sat Nav postcode): HP21 8SU.

The full title of the school is Ashmead Combined School.

Google Street View of Ashmead School Aylesbury

Above you can see an Ashmead School street view (Google), showing the front entrance to the school on Cole Road, Aylesbury.

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