Grange School Map

Map of Grange School - Here is a location map for the Grange School in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire UK.

Map of Grange School Aylesbury

Grange School Map: Above you can view a map of Grange School located in Wendover Way, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The address of the Grange School Aylesbury is Wendover Way, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7NH. The Grange School opened in 1954 and is a co-educational secondary school with around 1,300 pupils aged 11-18.

Visible on this Grange School map are: Grange Youth Centre, Aylesbury Schools Bus Park, Youthspace Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Centre, Byron House Care Home, The Gables, Aylesbury Town Bowls Club, Aylesbury Tennis Club, Wendover Way, King Edward Avenue, Turnfurlong Lane, Wendover Road, Aylesbury Police Station, Walton Dene, Fairmile Park and Play Area, Turnpike End, Chaucer Drive and more.

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Grange School Aylesbury postcode: HP21 7NH.

Telephone number: 01296 390900.

Google Street View of Grange School Aylesbury

Above you can see a Grange School street view (Google), showing the main entrance on Wendover Way.

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Grange School Aylesbury Map - Street View - Grange School Term Dates - Catchment Area